In 2021 ....

.... dare we plan ahead amidst all the uncertainty from last year continuing into this new year.
What a year 2020 turned out to be! All the plans made for a new start shelved and mothballed for a return to normality. 2021 does not promise anything better or even a return to normal for some time. A new 'normal' needs to be created from the remnants of what was a disastrous and distressful year. January of this new year has been a month of planning and adapting. February and March are likely to see developments in new ways of working and marketing as well as trying to build up a new collection of work.

April should be the start of a more prominent online presence with various outlets for purchasing my art work. I already have two new online places up and running: a NuMonday shop and a regular Art Craft Finder Virtual Market stall plus a directory listing. My Website and Portfolio Platform needs an update; more like an overhaul in all honesty and not the easiest of tasks for me to undertake. Depending on how this Covid-19 pandemic is affecting our freedoms will determine whether or not I can go ahead with some Pop-up Shops and other events. I have been liaising with a local shop and provisionally agreed a spring and winter hiring of space. May and June with any luck will see me getting involved with the Buxton Spa Art Event again.

I would dearly like to be able to say that I will be participating in some exhibitions and en plein air work in the summer months but I will not be taking anything for granted. I suspect that we will still be dealing with some ongoing issues of Covid-19, hopefully not to the extremes we have been seeing since March last year. My plans therefore will be more online exhibiting with purchasing opportunities through various platforms. At the end of last year I set up a secure card payment system which reduces the need for handling cash. I still offer Paypal as a payment method however I am now able to take card payments through my NuMonday Shop. The iZettle system I have signed up to also permits secure telephone payments. So whatever and wherever I am offering my art for sale should be a much safer and more convenient method of trading.

After the summer comes the rush to get things made and completed before the Christmas period. I am planning for online events and hoping for some leeway to do some local pop-ups too. So I have a plan, albeit a rather loose plan, for 2021. I wish you all a happy, safe and successful 2021 whatever you are planning or hoping for.